Kuba Bujas i Krzysztof Kosz - or Bujas/Kosz are directors duo from Warsaw, Poland. They are ad makers, idea writers and visual artists. Krzysztof represents strong advertising background, working for last 8 years as Creative Director in Grey Warsaw for wide range of brands including IKEA, Procter&Gamble, Huawei, Pepsi, Volvo, Heineken and Amnesty International. 
Kuba studied graphic design and painting on Warsaw University Of Arts but quickly turned his attention to multimedia. Participation in many art shows and exhibitions soon resulted in commercial commissions for Reebok, MTV, Burn, Orange and polish fashion brands like Ania Kuczyńska, LaMania and Solar.
Combining similar look at film matter and need for creative independence they started to make music videos for leading polish hip-hop and electronic artists. After that they turned attention to commercial areas. Their first campaign for polish leading streetwear brand HouseWear brought them most prestigious polish ad award (KTR) for best fashion video. 
Their different experience and background result in unique approach and wide variety of techniques from advanced CGI and tech innovations (VR), through graphic/motion design, typography and illustration to classic film craft. Currently they continue working for brands and personal projects in Poland and abroad.